How It Works

$1 = 4 points

Every 225 points =
a delicious reward

What if you don’t want to just be a Queso Lover and earn 4 points?

Once you donate 50 meals, you’ll become a Taco Enthusiast and earn 5 points for every $1 spent. Donate 100 meals to become a World Changer, and you’ll earn 6 points for every $1.

Want to maintain your reward level?

All you have to do is donate 50 or 100 meals each year to maintain your Taco Enthusiast or World Changer status!


Q: How do I earn more points?

A: Everyone earns 4 points per dollar spent at our base level – Queso Lover. Once you donate 50 meals, you’ll be a Taco Enthusiast and earn 5 points. Our top tier, World Changer, let’s you earn 6 points per dollar after you’ve donated 100 meals!


Q: How do I donate meals?

A: Every taco, salad, rice bowl, quesadilla or nachos you enjoy donates one meal for a hungry child. Two tacos = two meals!


Q: What if I double my donation?

A: If you want to help feed more kids, you can ask to “double your donation” at the register, and these count towards your meals donated to help you move up tiers faster! It’s a great way to give back even more, and earn points faster.


Q: What kind of rewards can I get?

A: Rewards you’ll earn include free tacos, dips, desserts, and drinks. You’ll also receive an Ultimate Trio for your birthday and exclusive offers only for loyalty members throughout the year.


Q: In the app, upon signup, what do I do when it says, “Existing Tacos 4 Life Card. If you have a physical Tacos 4 Life card, please enter the number from the back of the card below.”?

A: Click “Skip”. This is not for a gift card code and we do not offer physical Tacos 4 Life loyalty cards.